A note about materials

I use good quality materials for my paintings, because I think they give better results, and are more pleasurable to work with, and last longer once you’ve completed your picture.   The weight of watercolour paper starts at about 80lb: I don’t use this stuff because it’s too thin to take corrections and even well stretched will tend to cockle (buckle in places) when you wet it.  My sketch books use 140lb (300g/m­2), and my finished paintings tend to use heavier papers like Arches 300lb (640g/m­2).  I always use acid-free papers usually with a high rag content, which gives the best archival results. The paints I use are always artist’s quality (stronger pigments, usually better light-fastness than student quality).

Size matters

Paper sizes offer a fantastic opportunity to get completely confused, with metric and imperial systems competing, and a whole raft of antique names (Double Elephant, Grand Eagle) still cluttering up the scene in a colourful but unhelpful way.  I’ll try and keep it simple!

Watercolourists are traditionalists at heart and tend to stick with inches rather than centimetres.  I buy loose sheets of the papers I like, and usually order Imperial and cut it down to size.

Imperial =22in by 30in

Half imperial = 15in by 22in

Quarter imperial = 11in by 15in

Eighth imperial = 7.5in by 11in

But in case you thought that was too easy, I have to tell you that when I make a reproduction of my work, because printers are set up with metric sizes, I use those.  So…

A4= 21cm by 30 cm (or 8.3in by 11.7in)

A3= 30cm by 42 cm (or 11.7in by 16.5 in)

A2= 42cm by 60cm (16.5in by 23.4in)


I can offer A4 inkjet prints on Bockingford 190g/m2 watercolour paper, printed on a domestic inkjet printer (results are really pretty good) but for other sizes I have to go to the printers to get giclée prints made, so they take a little longer.   What’s a giclée, I hear you ask?  French verb gicler means ‘to jet’, so basically it’s a posh inkjet with a wider range of colours available, so more faithful reproduction of the original.


A note on price

For the year 2018 at least I will be donating any profits I make from sale of paintings to the Scottish Association for Mental Health, SAMH.

I would always want to agree prices and deadlines on any commission before getting started, so what follows below is just an indicative guide to the sort of sums I am looking for.  It’s traditional to price paintings by size, so I’ve kept with that.   To send them by post I would usually supply them mounted in a cut-to-measure matboard mount, protected in a display bag, ready for framing, but if you wanted me to fully frame them I can arrange that with the framers I use for an extra fee (it usually adds another 15% to 20%).

The mount is usually cut with a three inch border round the painting, and my default colour is antique white, but again other colours and sizes of border are negotiable according to what you want.


Original watercolours

Imperial                               £300

Half imperial                      £150

Quarter imperial               £85

Eighth imperial                  £50


A2                           £80

A3                           £50

A4                           £30


Send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  I’m happy to discuss prints of my paintings, original works and commissions.  I look forward to hearing from you!